Check it out! Funnel analysis and event analytics is now available!

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Now THIS is drafting!

Funnel Analysis

Paste Values Into Filters

Numeric attribute formatting

Improved Resource Lineage

Early Access to Funnel Analysis

Asynchronous DataOps builds

Dynamic Value Labels

Set Default Variables for UI Builds and Previews

Faster edit flows for saved explorations

Pie charts

Auto archive

Expanded currency support

Edit models and dashboards with version history

Introducing Hashquery: use your Hashboard models in Python code

Improved Project Search (CMD+K)

Period-over-period Comparisons

Table subtotals

BigQuery Cost Analyzer 💸

Resource version histories

Query your data in Hashboard, anywhere

Databricks Integration

Explore Data with Adhoc Calculations & Attributes 🧪

In-app changelog

Resource Activity

Multi-level columns and rows

Revamped Model Builder 🔧

Custom SQL attributes

Resource Updates to Collaborate Easier

Role-Based Database Credentials 🔐

Table Advancements

Dashboard Embeds

Model Hopping 🐇

MotherDuck Integration

Create CLI access keys with hb token

Derived Measures

Metrics Page


Introducing the Data Tray

JOIN us in a land of normalized data


Saved Explorations

BI as Code Workflows 👩‍💻

Collaboration Features 🤝

Integrations 🖇️

New Charts & Visualization Types 😍

Row Numbers on Tables

Text Datasets

Bar + Line Charts…and more!

ClickHouse + Hashboard

Documentation Synced from dbt and your Warehouse

Filter and Group Array Values

Improved DataOps Workflow with Hashboard Pull

SQL Editor Improvements

Custom Start of Week Configuration

Refreshed Control Panel

🔒 Controlled by DataOps

Resource Descriptions

Sharing Reports from Hashboard

Transpose Tables!

DataOps Live Recap

Deep Search for Measures with CMD + K

Dynamic Breakouts

Metric Tiles

Customize Your Hashboard Homepage

Improved DataOps Build Summaries

Reorder Starred Resources

Sandbox Demo Projects

SSO is here! 🔒

[Beta] YAML Editor

Public Demo Site

Slack 🤝 Hashboard

Upload CSVs into Hashboard

Filter on measures

Get your team into Hashboard with Access Domains

Resource Lineage

Restore deleted resources from the Trash

Custom Color Palettes

Improved attribute filtering and breaking out

Resource History

Modify numeric bins in the data explorer

Maps! [beta]

New sidebar

Rename Attributes

Search Improvements!

SSH Tunneling