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Explore your data as a team

Hashboard’s intelligent defaults and automatic profiling empower you to drill into tactile data whether you’re a SQL pro or non-technical team member.

Automatic visualization

Never start with a blank canvas. Dive right into your data, no configuration necessary.

Default visualization
Get a head start on data exploration with intelligent defaults. Using your model definition, we build the most relevant visualization of your data—either metrics over time or pivot tables, depending on your model.
Attribute tray
Understand distributions at a glance, click to drill into specific attributes and interrogate the why behind the trend. Instant breakouts and interactive nav help you see beyond the raw data into what’s important.
Data tray
Instantly access all of your definitions, documentation and resource lineage within your visualization. The data tray provides a highly organized, intuitive overview of your model, joins, measures and metrics for efficient interaction.

Drill into your data

Click to filter, drill and view underlying data. Automatically avoid overwhelm.

Figure out what’s driving trends or contributing to certain outcomes in a few quick clicks. Breakout highlights your most relevant data by default—cleaning up high-cardinality cruft and steering your success with visualization best practices.
Click on key attributes or drag-and-drop your way across a chart to view your data from different angles. Instant cross-filtering automates multi-dimensional analysis so you can spot trends, identify anomalies and answer multiple questions at once.
Underlying data view
Drop into a data point to discover its underlying code and comprehensive lineage. With a single click, you’ll find the automated SQL queries—and actionable information—behind every value.
In-memory cache
Accelerate your data journey with a visual explorer that gets faster every time you use it. We store results from your database on our servers and your browser to cut the time it takes to journey through your database (and cut down your Cloud costs).

Advanced visualization

Tackle complex questions, simply. Explore like an engineer.

Dynamic breakouts
Switch on Dynamic Breakouts to track the most relevant metrics and attributes as they shift in real-time. Hashboard subqueries your data to grab the most important items before we build your chart. New customer? We know.
Layered charts
Display data from different dimensions on the same visualization. Hashboard allows you to configure overlaying line, bar and area charts to tell the most comprehensive, most compelling stories.
Breakout into multiple charts
Trellis your chart to compare different variables at a glance. By breaking out your densest data into discrete plots on the same grid, Hashboard makes it easy to unpack complexity and unlock narrative.
Visualized tables and heatmaps
Transform raw data into remarkably efficient and intuitive visualizations. Add columns, calculations and color gradients to your tables and pivot tables to identify trends, highlight patterns and accelerate decision-making.
Find the answers faster with automated Calculations. Keep an eye on moving averages and forecast specific outcomes, all while empowering non-technical team members to analyze data at a granular level.
Advanced axis configurations
Apply advanced scale options to different metrics and sub charts. Tailor how you're comparing metrics to tell a better story with your data.

Explore together

Make data exploration a team sport with saved views, shareable links and scheduled alerts.

Explore links
Click, drill, cross-filter—while you interact with your data, Hashboard’s updating the URL in real-time. Simply share the link with stakeholders to let them pick up exactly where you left off.
Save important views, pull visualizations into dashboards and make copies of your teammate’s explorations without disrupting connections to the metrics or underlying definitions. With Collections, you can build a trove of knowledge as a team.
Join your teammates on the visual explorer and journey through your data together.
Scheduled reports
Focus on finding the answers and free up your workflow from comms chaos. By scheduling reports via email and Slack, you can build organizational buy-in and simplify account management.
Custom alerts
Set custom thresholds for Slack and email alerts to keep stakeholders up to date on shifts, trends and outcomes. From churn rate to total revenue, determine what matters most and never let a key metric—or key moment—pass you by.

Build a collaborative data culture

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