Check it out! Funnel analysis is now available for public preview in Hashboard!

Model data once

Model your data with our in-app model workbench, with code in our CLI, or directly from existing dbt models. Hashboard is the lightweight semantic layer purpose-built for inclusive exploration.


Build models with code or in the GUI

Iterate on your models in the online workbench or manage them in code with the CLI. Update documentation, define joins and use the model workbench's inline code editor to see how changes impact dependencies before you make them.


Unify metrics definitions

Stay on the same page with a lightweight semantic layer that the whole team can lean on for accurate reports. Juggling multiple BI tools? Our vision is to let you integrate directly with existing metrics layers for the clearest reflection of your organization's ground truth.


Update, edit and re-factor with confidence

Hashboard maintains your DAG as you make changes to avoid broken reports and dangling dependencies. Resource lineage graphs can be viewed on every resource (including columns and metrics). Deleting and changing columns always allows you to view the resources that will be affected before you make a change.


Save time with smart caching

More clicky, less costly. Hashboard intelligently caches results from your database on our servers and in your browser. Similar queries are reused, with results recalculated in memory, to speed up exploration and shrink your cloud bills.


Keep your docs up to date

With automatic pulls, all of the documentation you've written on other systems is instantly accessible on Hashboard. You'll always find what you need, where you need it.

Build a collaborative data culture

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