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Introducing Hashboard!

Carlos Aguilar
Carlos Aguilar
September 7th, 2023
Introducing Hashboard!

When we launched in March of 2022 under the name we were a small team on a mission to simplify data exploration. The past year and a half our team has doubled in size, shipped a lot of product and learned more than we could have imagined from our customers.

Today, we're excited to announce a new name, a new brand, and the start of a new chapter. As Hashboard, we're doubling down on our commitment to simplify data exploration and help teams everywhere fall back in love with data.

While we’re thrilled about our new identity, there's more to celebrate. Our rebrand also coincides with the launch of our most substantial feature releases to date! 🚀

Introducing Hashboard v1.0

Today we're launching:

Hashboard is an opinionated business intelligence tool that aims to redefine data exploration and brings teams closer to the reality of self-service. Hashboard helps organizations love data again by simplifying data exploration and enabling teams to publish data in a consistent, high quality and beautiful way.

With Hashboard you can define metrics on your data warehouse, allowing your entire organization to effortlessly search, explore and uncover insights that propel business growth.

Who Hashboard is for:

Hashboard is for people that are both data and product oriented. For folks that are focused not just on building dashboards and charts, but on sharing knowledge and understanding. Check out our approach here.

Data engineers have the flexibility to manage all of their resources in code and version control. Non-technical people are able to easily explore data via a friendly UI with visualizations best practices baked in. Executives can check our metrics page to see which different KPI’s are trending towards goals in one place or via automatic reports straight to their email or Slack.

Why our customers love us:

We’ve had the chance to work with amazing users over the last couple of years! They’ve taught us so much and we’ve really enjoyed building to better solve their data challenges together. The themes we’ve heard from our early customers on why they love Hashboard have remained consistent. They love the product because of:

  • Simplified Exploration: Hashboard has an intuitive UI that empowers all types of users (technical and non-technical) to effortlessly explore data. This ease of use has been key for teams to foster a culture of curiosity and work towards higher adoption of self-service.

  • Faster Insights: Hashboard has intelligent defaults, automatic profiling and hyperspeed queries, which makes it easier for folks to discover insights in their data. This has helped teams to respond faster to requests and last minute asks and has been essential to prevent bottlenecks previously caused by the data teams capacity.

  • Deeper Collaboration: Hashboard functions as a single semantic layer with standardized metrics. Finally teams can have a unified source of truth with their data! Teams have been able to collaborate across departments that were typically siloed from having data access — empowering more folks to truly become data-driven and better aligned with org-wide goals.

  • Code-Driven Flexibility: Hashboard empowers data people to maintain control over mission-critical analytics via the Command Line Interface (CLI), Git integration, and seamless connection to dbt. These integrations supercharge data teams workflows, ensuring that breaking changes are identified and addressed before they impact production.

With these significant investments in our product and our team, it was the right time for us to refresh our brand identity. This new chapter of Hashboard brings an intensified focus on empowering scrappy data teams and their stakeholders to easily explore data and discover insights.

Get Started

We’ve officially opened up self-service! Try out Hashboard for free today. We can’t wait to hear your feedback, if you have questions or would like to know more get in touch with us.